Sell For Free

Sell For Free With No Estate Agency Fees

Sell for Free with our bespoke sales approach to sell at a fast pace without paying any estate agency fees.
It works exceptionally well when attracting buyers in a position to proceed, who would like to move quickly, while still achieving great price for your property. Most importantly, it brings the peace of mind that your buyer is secure and financially committed to proceeding with the purchase.

A guide range is agreed to invite maximum interest and create the level of competition needed to achieve the best price possible. 

A reservation fee is collected from your buyer once a sale is agreed, which is non-refundable. This fee is only paid back to the buyer if the seller withdraws their property from the market (whilst highly unlikely, the Company has a 42-day refund policy in this instance). This means that the sale is secure for both the buyer and seller and avoids unnecessary and often stressful fall throughs.
Additionally, you can save up to 6 weeks once a sale has been agreed by purchasing a search pack from Town and Country, whereby critical searches are ordered in advance from the official bodies, such as a local authority or drainage and water search to speed up the sales legal process to competition. Delays in searches due to a wide variety of lead times (dependant on different local authority & water authorities) are often the main culprit for fixed moving dates changing -- and we all know there is nothing more frustrating! This is made even worse your sales chain falls apart due to delays, potentially having a detrimental impact on all involved. 

We can establish pre-agreed timescales for moving from the outset at the point of sale, this is agreed at offer acceptance stage between buyer and seller, and both solicitors will be informed from day one of when anyone has agreed to move. Please ask your local Town and Country Estate Agent for information on costs and how this can work for you.
Buyers can have a mortgage in principle in place, and have the confidence that they don’t miss out on a property sale owing to having to go through the motions with their mortgage provider, and often regional delays, waiting for them to administer and arrange a mortgage valuation to secure their mortgage offer.    
Our sell for free option is a modern and secure way to realise the same price in real terms as you would from a traditional estate agency but without having to pay an Estate Agency a sales fee.